When we first bought this house just over a year ago, the basement was finished.

In a bit of irony, there was a Hot Tub, as you can see, in the photo below. The ironic part is that Joe and I came to this very basement after prom to go into this hot tub.  We weren’t each-others dates though :(.  I went with his best friend.  We had fun, but I wish we’d gone together.

Anyway, I digress..

As you can see below, the steps come down, and there is a door to go under them.  This door leads to a water softener.  Also, note that there is red carpet and tile.  This photo was taken at Jack’s 5th birthday party last Oct.

Basement Reno 1This is the view just opposite.  The windows look out to the neighbors, and there was plenty of room for our hand-me-down sectional. This is a very fun dance party we had :) Basement Reno 2This is next to the hot tub looking beyond the couch.  We used this tiled area as a play space for the kids.  The cupboards and counter tops were very helpful also.
Basement reno 3

basement reno 5The final photo above is a good shot of the door to the “back room”.  It’s the open door you see all the way to the right. (you can see the exposed cement wall)  This area is very large, and I wish I’d had a “before” photo of it.  It goes well beyond the steps.  When we began construction, we were able to store ALL of our furniture and toys there.  Including the sectional and a very large chair.

At this point you should know that we didn’t have an intention of changing this space when we moved in.  It wasn’t totally our style, but we liked the bones of the space.  You should also know that the hot tub only worked twice when we moved in.  We had found out that it would be $650.00 to fix it, and had opted not to.  It would have remained until we had decided how to proceed.  You should also know that since the moment we moved in, we loved to hang out down here.  However the more we did, the more Joe began to feel sick. He would feel his chest tighten, and have a hard time breathing.  This led us to exploration of the cause.

That I will leave to part 2.

Have you ever renovated a space?? What was the biggest change you made?

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